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Ferrum League

Welcome to the Ferrum League. For now, this will be where the Weeklies are hosted, but over time more things will be added.

Website by Niet#9801 — Brought to you in part by PokéFarm Q!

Please excuse the basic appearance. Things need to work before I spend time making them look pretty! But if you're interested in helping, let me know on Discord. -Niet

Discord server

Invite link: Join Pokkén Discord server

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Weekly Tournaments

King of Ferrum Fist Tournament 1v1: 2 17/Feb — Finished

King of Ferrum Fist Tournament 3v3: 2 10/Feb — Finished

King of Ferrum Fist Tournament 1 13/Jan — Finished


Top 10 players: (View all)

  1. Fabilous 1,106.99
  2. Sealed Gintrax 1,077.24
  3. Wingtide 1,056.99
  4. Doug Discord, Creator of Discord 1,040.81
  5. jrjam 1,036.23
  6. RolfGaming | kaloncpu57 1,036.05
  7. Niet 1,030.05
  8. ThunderGriffin 1,028.56
  9. Wise 1,028.25
  10. PuppyHavoc 1,025.65